The Squad

We're a team of animators, cinematographers and gamers. Our background in the TV ad industry means we know exactly how to make a video appealing and engaging. Our love for games means we can convert this experience into great trailers, TV spots and in-game cinematics for our customers, whether they be brave individual devs, larger teams, or publishers.

One thing we take pride in is our customer service and our flexibility. When you contact us there will be no middleman and we are available every day of the week at admittedly crazy hours.

Funny Behind the Scenes

Have fun with us

We love games and we have a blast coming up with creative ways to present them.

What we do

Our main objective is to create highly contagious trailers for Indie games. Although we're not strictly limited to that. As experienced animators and avid gamers we can also create other content for your game such as intro movies, cutscenes or credit rolls. We can also create trailers for your apps; the process is slightly different but the outcome is just as awesome.

When it comes down to creativity we're bursting with it. We can take care of everything without direction. But if you know what you want or have an exact vision, we're happy to deliver what you're after with your input and feedback. When we deliver and collect, we won't just leave you in the dust. we'll be there for you in case you need just one more format or some last minute brush ups.

Game Trailers

Professionally edited and enhanced with customized animation, music and sound effects.

App Trailers

Visually clear explanations of app functionality supported by sleek motion graphics.


Tugging on heart strings or pumping up the action. We'll make sure that story is king.

How we work

don't leave anything to chance

You've spent months and years developing a labor of love. Now you want to show it to the world. Make that first impression count!

I want one!
How we work

We can take care of everything for you, or you can be as involved in the process as you want. With or without direction, we establish the mood and feeling that you're after and that is most appropriate for the game.


We work on turning any assets, footage, music and other content into a coherent and engaging experience using custom animations. The objective is always to generate views, interest and ultimately to help drive sales. 


After we show you the first draft it's time for listening to your feedback. We work hard to satisfy our clients. A game is a huge undertaking especially for a small dev. You want everything to be just right! 

nailed it

After we worked on the revisions (within reason). It's time to deliver. But we are not fire-and-forget. We'll support our product with minor changes or adjustments that you might need. We'll be there for you.